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A little about our history and who we are

About AJI Consultancy & Training

AJI Consultancy & Training Ltd was started in 2008 and operates from premises in Leominster, Herefordhire. The premises we operate from are shared with our sister company I-I-Ice Ltd which is our operational refrigeration and air conditioning business.

Both companies are run completely separately and independently from each other though they operate from the same building. We can provide a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) on request to reassure clients that no information will change hands.

About The People...

The main director of AJI Consultancy & Training and the consultant on refrigeration and air conditioning is Dr A J Ingram, B.Eng(Hons). MSc (Hons). PhD. I.Eng. MIET. M.INST.R. M.ASHRAE.

Dr Ingram is highly experienced in refrigeration & air conditioning design, service, maintenance and installation of all types of refrigeration systems & refrigerants having designed small splits systems to large blast freezers & cold stores for over 40 years.

A specialist in ammonia systems & natural refrigerants he has designed systems for McCains Foods, Norish Cold Stores, Kanes Foods, AkzoNobel and Wealmoor to name just a few. He has written and set up countless service and maintenance systems so that plants will be maintained properly. Dr Ingram has written papers for Birmingham & Wolverhampton University on refrigeration systems that have been published and designed and patented the first apparatus for providing three separate functions of heating, cooling and simultaneous heating and cooling system. Two of Dr Ingram's designs have won the RAC Building Project of The Year Award ( 2015 & 2020). 

Dr Ingram is a member of the Institute of Refrigeration and Institute of Engineering & Technology, Incorporated Engineer, and a member of ASHRAE.

Dr Ingram carries out many of the training courses himself.

For further information on any aspects of our refrigeration and air conditioning consultancy and training services please contact us.

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